Washer and Dryer appliance repair tips

Properly caring for your washer and dryer can prevent fire, electrical problems, or water damage. If your washer is not working properly, ensure the lid is closed all the way and that nothing is obstructing it. Ensure the timer and all controls are set properly and that the water faucets leading to the washer are turned on.

home appliance repair, appliance repair raleigh, appliance repair techniciansAlways clean your dryer lint filter after every load to reduce fire hazards and lengthen the lifespan of your dryer. If your clothes are not fully drying, check to see if the rear exhaust duct is pinched, preventing adequate airflow through the machine. Always ensure that the clothes you put in the dryer have gone through an adequate spin cycle in the washer so that they are damp, not soaking wet.

If you continue to experience problems with your washer or dryer, you may need professional service. Call Capital Appliance Repair in Raleigh at 919-781-5884 for all of your home appliance repair needs! Our appliance repair technicians are ready to assist you with fast and friendly service!

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