Get Your Appliance Up and Running Again

Cary Discount & Capital Appliance Repair can repair your washer or dryer

A pile of laundry that can't be washed or dried is one of the last things your business needs. If you're having a problem with your washer or dryer, you can rely on Cary Discount & Capital Appliance Repair.

We repair:

Front-loading washing machines
Top-loading washing machines
Front-loading dryers
Top-loading dryers
Combination laundry machines

Additionally, we can provide an 18-month warranty on our appliance repair services. Talk to a Triangle-based professional about your appliance problem today. You can reach us at 919-468-5860.

Thinking about repairing your own appliance?

Thinking about repairing your own appliance?

Many business owners think that attempting appliance repair by themselves will help them save money, but that isn't the case. Without professional skills or equipment, it's easy to accidentally damage your appliance and require more extensive repair in the long run. You can avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses by bringing in the professionals first. Reach out to our team now.